From WWTW to … Hollywood in Toto

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My movie blogging journey has taken a serious turn.

I started What Would Toto Watch? in 2007, hoping to secure some Internet turf and share my love for the latest, greatest movies.

Turns out I enjoyed blogging about film as much as seeing the latest Oscar contenders. A few years later that passion helped me score a full-time gig as assistant editor at Big Hollywood.

I was thrilled, but something still gnawed at me.

I felt like my work at WWTW wasn’t finished. I started this blog with modest intentions, but by the time it landed me a “real” job I was sorry to see it go. Wouldn’t it be great to blog full time, call my own shots and make a career out of it?

A steady paycheck dashed those dreams.

Earlier this year, that bug started biting me again. Now, I had more web experience under my belt. I had been studying social media methods in earnest, and I felt confident I could leverage Twitter and co. to my benefit.

Most of all, my devoted wife thought now was the time to go for it.

So last week I launched or HiT for short. New name, a more elegant design, but it’s still my take on show business. I remain one of the few openly conservative entertainment journalists in the country, but I’m smart enough to stop ideology from blinding my vision.

So please give HiT a look. You’ll find story angles not covered elsewhere, film reviews which keep the consumer firmly in mind and, best of all, a blockade on tabloid fluff.

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