A Weekend off the Couch

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I have taken a break from my usual weekend moving watching to read online reviews of miter saws. You must be thinking that this is very odd indeed. There are much better things to do with your time like taking a walk on a beautiful day, swimming, jogging, biking, or visiting friends or relatives. I have my reasons about which you will soon hear.

I was sitting on the sofa one afternoon after a very dramatic and intense movie. I was contemplating the ending and deciding whether or not it was effective. My mind started to wander and then got bored. My eyes roamed about my living room and I thought it needed some enhancement. I spend hours here but was just noticing some defects in the décor. Why not make the room look nicer, I thought. Should I paint it a soft pastel color to tone down the ubiquitous white? Should I recover the couch and matching chairs or buy a new rug? These were all good ideas and I expect that I will implement them. From a structural point of view, I realized that installing crown molding would add just the right touch. It would change the space immensely. No wonder people always ask for it when buying a new home.

I haven’t done this type of work but was willing to try since I have done a bit of woodworking in the past. I know how to use a tool or two. I first had to decide on the measurements and how emphatic I want this molding to be. You can make it quite bold if you like. I think I will opt for an average size. Now I would need to find a good miter saw designed for such projects. Thus, I was online with a vengeance. All the descriptions, reviews, and testimonials were very helpful. The prices here vary from a hundred to five hundred dollars for the state-of-the-art model. How much power would I need? What was the difference between a radial arm saw vs a miter saw? I found that one here. I would want adjustability for different angle cuts and the right size blade. It would have to have a safety shut off feature and be double insulated. The question for me now with the crown molding was how many settings would be needed from fifteen to forty-five to ninety degrees.

I started to narrow down the best saws by brand and price and model. There is Bosch, DeWalt, and Makita. Each brand has a full range of offerings. I decided to buy something in the middle. I wasn’t a professional millworker so I needed something suitable for small jobs and home use. I went to the lumber depot to look at prefab crown molding to assess what would look best. I watched numerous videos about cutting the corners. I would be using wood, not polyurethane. I wanted quality and not savings. Crown molding styles can be simple or elaborate and I went somewhere in between. I am a middle of the road guy with the material and the equipment I guess.