Best Horror Series

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What’s the best horror series today? If you’re talking about movies, you’re better off not really thinking about horror movies in terms of series. I mean, there are some horror movies where the sequels actually were really good. Scream comes to mind: the first and second movies were both good. For the most part, though, the horror genre is not known for great franchises or great sequels.

Horror partly relies on surprise, which is one of the many reasons why sequels often don’t work in horror. Horror is also all about shocking the audience without pulling them out of the story. Sequels often have to be bigger than the originals. The thing is, if you do that with the horror franchises, you’re going to end up with sequels that are really over-the-top. That’s the way most of the sequels to horror movies are.

Most of the good movies in the horror genre stand on their own. Here are my favorite horror movies: The Ring and Ringu, the Others, Dracula (1931), Psycho, the Haunting (1963), and Let The Right One In. What do all of those movies have in common? Either they didn’t have a sequel, or they did have a sequel and it was terrible.

Horror television tends to be better. The new hit series Stranger Things really is awesome, and it’s better than any five horror movies put together in most cases, except for the very best horror movies. There are plenty of other horror television series that are great because these television series have to be about something other than scares. If you want to have a horror movie, though, you’re better off keeping it as a standalone work.

Hollywood keeps on disappointing fans with its bad new movies these days. One of the only good horror movies that I saw that was made in the 2010’s was Cabin in the Woods. Movies, in general, have been in decline for a while these days. They’re probably not going to get back to the point at which they were back in the twentieth century, either.

Movie fans like me are just going to have to appreciate the older output of Hollywood, back before the 2010’s, or at least it looks like this is going to be the case. It’s possible that Hollywood is going to get its act together and produce something that is not a superhero reboot, a remake, an adaptation, an attempt at resurrecting a franchise that’s been dead since the 1980’s or earlier, or something else that is so unoriginal that saying that it is original is unoriginal.

Then again, that’s about as likely as the possibility that Hollywood is going to give up producing movies in orange and teal, which has been going on for about a decade now and which shows no signs of stopping. Just like black and white movies have become their own thing, the orange and teal movies are going to become the symbols of the movies of today. Lots of people today do not like to watch black and white movies even if they are actually good. Lots of people in the future aren’t going to want to watch orange and teal movies either, and most of them are not going to be genuinely good.