Movie-Inspired Fitness?

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If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I love movies of all types from any period. I have a vast collection that takes years to go through if I watch one a day. It is a form of relaxation and recreation, and also provides fodder for conversations in person and online. I learn many things from films related to its subject matter, stars, and great dialogue. It tells me everything I need to know about the human condition. Recently, I watched a short video on Facebook about gymnastics (a true documentary-style story). I love the sport and watch the competitions, particularly come Olympics time. It fascinates me how the body can move in complex ways and look beautiful at the same time. The skill is extraordinary and I have nothing but awe for the participants. It is not something that was offered in my high school, where many kids learn it for the first time. I am a bit of a late comer and thanks to the movie, I am really into the trampoline.

I don’t expect to gain national status, but I do hope to stay in shape and have some fun while I am at it. I can watch my giant plasma screen and jump up and down any time I like. The trampoline, of course, is small and not regulation size. I could do that in the backyard but then it would be tough to see the TV screen on the patio. Too far away. I have something in between, which means larger than a kiddie mini size which would accommodate just one of my legs. I stick to jumping for the most part until I break a sweat and watch the calories fall off. Then I get fancy and pull my knees up to my chest between jumps. It is so much fun. This mode of exercise sure beats a routine gym workout any day. They don’t even have a trampoline in any size. It is something you only find in a fully-equipped school facility. Gymnasts who work the parallel bars and the horse like to warm up on it.

The fitness benefits are many, according to Trampoline Choice. You can stretch out your back, loosen the leg muscles, and incorporate arm movements as you wish. I just learned how to do a kind of modified split jump while at the same time extending my arms toward each raised leg. It isn’t easy and I don’t go that wide. If you do, you get a major stretch of the inner thigh. I prefer a simple vee position. If you are a would-be gymnast, you might try to extend your legs in front of you and point your toes. It is all about height and appearance. Real trampoline aficionados want to look cool, as toned and pretty as a diver.

So far my movie buddies haven’t expressed interest, but the trampoline is there: all taut and inviting.