Now Out on Video

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Remember the phrase ‘now out on video?’ I guess it still brings a nostalgic glow for some of us. Videotapes weren’t really all that great. They broke. You ended up taping over the things that you really liked or you ran out of videotape at the worst point. Lots of bad stuff happened and the videos eventually stopped working for no reason half the time. Still, I guess we all can wonder about the videos of old and explain to members of Generation Z and the youngest Millennials what it was all like.

Do people even use DVDs anymore? Someone has to keep on using them or they wouldn’t keep on making them, I guess. Still, you have to wonder how DVDs keep on getting made in a world where people can stream everything and people usually do stream everything. You can stream things on Netflix, and I don’t even know why Netflix even bothers when it comes to sending out its DVDs these days. Netflix is the kind of company that managed to see a new age coming, and you’d think that they would realize that people today really want to stick with the most convenient options possible.

Lots of old movies are getting new anniversary editions. The 1976 version of Carrie is like that in order to celebrate the fortieth year that some of us have been watching this movie. The Thing, The Hills Have Eyes, and Dark Water all fall into that category as well. This is October, so there are going to be plenty of Halloween releases. They figure that this is the only time that some of us watch horror movies, even though plenty of them really do watch them all year long and we’d love to get DVD releases like this all year long.

Of course, you do have to wonder how long DVDs are going to last. I stream pretty much everything these days. Most of the people I know do the same. I mean, I’m a movie writer and a huge film buff. If I’m not the target audience for DVDs, I don’t know who is. If they can’t even get someone like me to buy the DVDs, I really don’t know how they’re going to get some kind of casual film fan to do it. I guess only time will tell. It’s possible that DVDs are going to continue to exist, but they are going to be much more niche in the future. It’s also possible that they’re going to go the way of dinosaurs on VHS tapes and VHS tapes in general. If nothing else, if people don’t know what we mean by the phrase ‘now out on video,’ they can at least Google it.