Potential New Hobby

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I love movies; everyone in my world knows this. I would rather watch the small or big screen at the theater or home than do most anything else. You can imagine my DVD collection. I can remember the plots, characters, stars, and other credits of all the best films.

I might have a new hobby. I am so excited that I am devoting this blog entirely to announcing it: metal detecting. You heard right! I will tell you why since it is a rather unknown activity. Now it has a new adherent. I saw an airing of The Detectorists, a TV series on Netflix since 2014. Let me clue you newbies in. It is British and takes place in the fictional town of Danebury, supposedly located in Northern Essex. Mackenzie Crook, Toby Jones, and Pearce Quigley star in the show as two eccentric metal detectorists, as the title suggests. They spend their time on ploughed tracks and in open fields with their handy devices. The point is to break the dull pattern of their lives by finding a fortune by means of their quest. In the process, all kinds of events and discoveries happen. A side note: it is the winner of the 2015 British BAFTA awards.

I was nonplussed when I first saw it. I had never heard of nor encountered a metal detector of any type, let alone the best metal detectors for beginners. I had to find out more and perhaps give it a try. When I read about the odd things you can unearth, I thought I would love a new oddball hobby that yielded a surprise every time. It may or may not be something valuable, but it would be unique. I’ve seen people on Facebook find all sorts of cast-off treasures like watches, pennies and nickels, nails and brads, a pair of tweezers or scissors, lead balls, silver buttons, and the like. If they are lucky, you might encounter a rare coin or hopefully some sort of gold. By that I mean a ring, a coin, a pendant, or a money clip. I know that trash pickers go on beaches and to parks to gather as much money as they can find in an afternoon. It is a known fact that many are successful in this endeavor. I might join them.

I want to do it for other reasons however. It intrigues me that there is a TV show devoted to the metal detecting enterprise. What they find is of course more valuable and unusual. What a concept for an entertainment medium. Imagine that in one episode, one of the characters disturbs graves in Germany and is subsequently banned. Fans find the Detectorists “dry, intelligent, and endearing.” I agree. I love the characters and the humor. It is good for a few belly laughs. It is by no means a waste of time. It has turned me on to gold detecting in particular. It is an odd sitcom that shines. Check it out for sure.