Soda, Popcorn, and Movies Go Together a Little Too Well

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When you have a home entertainment system, you tend to indulge a bit too much. You can’t resist inviting everyone you know at one time or another for a nightime film fest. After one or two movies are shown, soda, popcorn, and snacks are offered up to entice people to stay and talk. These things all go well together. So well, that I have put on a few unwanted pounds. I am not going to suspend film night, but I need to watch my waistline. Others can eat to their hearts’ content, but I will put on the brakes after one handful of popcorn. It is hard to cut back, but when people whisper comments in your presence, you know it is time. It isn’t that I need to diet and start eating carrots and celery; it is more about self-control in the presence of my friends. I am known for fun film evenings, so they will continue as my contribution to my friend and family community.

Meanwhile I am going to drink more water and eliminate all that sugar-laden soda. Popcorn is salty and water takes care of your thirst. Soda only makes it worse. I can stock up on cases of bottled water, but I have limited space. As another solution, I am going to install a whole-house water filtration system. Some people have home brew pubs, others have soda fountains that can make specialty drinks. My choice of beverage is going to be pure, clean water from now on.

When purchasing a system, I had to weigh first and foremost the amount of contaminant reduction I could get. Filtration units do more than this. They improve taste and eliminate odors that emanate from some tap water. You can’t go wrong by going along with NSF certification. Then it is a matter of ease of installation, whether you choose under or over counter locations. The water in my city has a chlorine residue and various particulates. Any system I choose must reduce them to a minimum. I want a state-of-the art design and probably a reverse osmosis process. I think it has to do with proper channeling of water to find the path of least resistance, so that there is minimal time of contact with the internal media. I read at that multiple tanks and an upflow design are the most effective.

I like the fact that whole house water filters are installed where the water source enters the home. Thus, contaminant problems are immediately nipped in the bud. Then you have to consider the need for additional drainage or electricity, and what flow rates are appropriate for the size of your home and typical water usage. Of course, bigger homes require bigger systems. Here’s how it works. The system may entail “back flushing,” which occurs when the flow is reversed and drains dirty, used water into a wastewater unit. So you can get as complicated as you like and you can customize your filtration the way you like.

I have been talking so much about my water filtration system that guests are now asking for water instead of beer or wine. I believe that I have started a new trend. I won’t tell anyone that you have to clean the tanks and remove the pounds of wet, contaminated media. From time to time you have to replace parts in the system, or at worst the entire tank. But there is a savings in the long run when you add up what you aren’t spending on pricey Evian.