Surviving the Morning Routine After a Late Night

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Everyone who knows me, also knows that I watch movies and TV whenever I can. I am a big fan. There is never enough time during the day. This means a few late-night marathons when I have insomnia or am with friends. It is great fun, but this kind of behavior takes its toll. Try waking up at six when you have been watching your favorite films most of the night. It is hard to stop when you are on a roll. Staying healthy means having a good routine. You start with your morning tasks and go through the day eating right and exercising as time permits. People swear by this practice and I am following suit. So, what do I do to conquer the morning hours?

When I was in college, I had early classes and as a social being, I was up late at night. I learned some tips to use it wisely to help me arise on time. Alarm clocks have come a long way in recent years and are amazing devices to rouse you from even a deep sleep. I learned that you must read the instructions and see what your appliance can do. You must program it and not forget to reset it as needed. Laziness will make you late to class or work. Make it part of your regular routine and don’t ignore its benefits.

Wake up alarms used to rouse you with a blaring noise or your favorite radio station. For college kids, that was always the top pop selection on the dial. For others, it has become the news, particularly the morning weather. You want to be tuned into the world first thing in the morning, but that doesn’t necessarily mean reading Twitter. Now you can wake up to natural sounds like a running stream, birds chirping, frogs croaking, waves hitting the sandy shore, and lots more. I read about that here: If you prefer music but have grown beyond the rock n’ roll stage, New Age instrumentals are the way to go on an FM station. They often feature a flute or chimes. It is a peaceful way to arise.

The latest gadget is a sunrise and sunset simulator. This means you get up to soft ambient lights. If your drapes are drawn, it will feel like sunlight pouring into the room. You can select your colors and change them as you wish. You can combine the lights with music or sounds. It is all personal taste and a matter of push button controls. Nothing too complicated to deter you from taking advantage of all the new innovations. Read up on the new models to be sure you understand all your choices. You no doubt will want an LED screen for clear digital readings (it dims at night) and a snooze option. One last feature of the new models is that for security purposes, the light goes on at programmed times to indicate that someone is home.